Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've been a bad, bad blogger

As a result of taking on the role of Editor at Melbourne's Weekly GLBT newspaper MCV, I've been stupidly busy the last two weeks, and consequently haven't been a good blogger: I've fallen behind on both posting and reading other people's blog entries, for which I can only apologise.

Too much to do, so little time...

In the past two weeks I've:

  • I've worked a 15 hour day trying to get the paper to print;
  • Discovered that even an office with four staff has office politics;
  • Put two issues of the paper to bed;
  • Seen fellow blogger Travis Cotton perform in the 20th anniversary production of Michael Gow's play Europe;
  • Attended the launch of this year's Melbourne Queer Film Festival;
  • Started to discover just what having a mobile phone means, the good (excitedly texting fellow political-tragics after watching Kevin Rudd on Lateline and actually being impressed - not because he has gravitas and conviction, but because for the first time in years I'm actually starting to think that Howard can be beaten) and the bad (being harrangued by publicists keen for coverage for their latest client in one of my three media outlets);
  • Enjoyed having a housemate, although I rarely see him as a combination of my hectic life and his spending time at his boyfriend's place;
  • Failed to find time to continue re-arranging my even-more cluttered house;
  • Consumed more alcohol than is good for me;
  • Walked regularly;
  • Complained about the heat;
  • Put off reading a book and then reviewing it for ABR until the deadline is not so much looming as threatening to crush me with its weight;
  • Started swotting for next week's conversation with Rupert Everett at the Atheneum;
  • Contemplated popping over to Adelaide for the Fringe, or up to Sydney to see Holding the Man;
  • And generally been over-committed - so much so, for instance, that I failed to make the most recent bloggers' meet - sorry D.U.P.!
This weekend I'm heading out of town, to visit my mum and catch up on some reading on the train, so I won't be around much. I am, of course, reachable on my new mobile... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Richard, the trick to taming the electronic leash... er... mobile phone is simply to choose to take control. Remember that you don’t need to change what you’re doing just because the gadget in your pocket makes a noise.

Just don’t answer it. Check voicemail and messages when you want to.

mskp said...

stilgherrian, that is excellent advice. i always try to remember that it's there for my convenience, not other people's.

god, i sound like my father.

oh, and biggest congratulations on getting the first couple of issues away!

Unknown said...

I read somewhere or I over heard someone say that Holding the Man is coming to melbourne. Is that true Mr Watts, is it, is it really true, please say its so???

oh and dont worry about not being about to make it to the meet, there will be others. I'm determined to break the magical 10 bloggers mark.

On Stage And Walls said...

I checked out MCV. It's looking good again. Hope you can keep it coming.

richardwatts said...

stil - thanks for the advice - i've already begun switching the phone off with glee on occasion.

kp - thanks for the congratulations, much appreciated.

d.u.p. - i haven't heard but i'll endevour to find out.

bardassa - thanks! now all i have to do is increase advertising, expand the page count...